From the beginning….

I’ve kept a journal since I was about ten years old. In the early years I’d mainly write about what I had done on a certain day or about which girl was not speaking to whom. But with time I added my emotions and turmoil about all those confusing relationships of grade school girls. Sometimes I’d talk to God in my writings when I didn’t like what I saw going on or if I’d been the one left out on a given day.

In high school and college I became a much more serious writer. I had notebooks where I’d pour out my soul about everything I saw and felt around me. I loved writing. It was the one place I could truly express myself and no one, absolutely no one could judge me. I was trying to discern what my “call” was and I didn’t need anyone peering over my shoulder as I carried on my daily conversation with God about this.

I was too young at the time to realize but I was using writing as a form of prayer. I couldn’t really sit down and talk to God, but I was writing all my dreams, hopes, and fears down on paper. Writing had become what would be a lifelong spiritual practice for me.

Join me in the days and weeks ahead as I talk about Spiritual Memoir and Writing as a Spiritual Practice. I will be sharing stories of my own life to give you examples.