What is a Spiritual Practice?

A prayer shawl I am currently making.
A prayer shawl I am currently making.

Last year I taught myself a new form of crocheting. It is called Tunisian or Afghan Crocheting. It is like knitting because loops of yarn are put on a needle but it is crocheting because you only use one needle and use stitches that are similar to crocheting.

I spent hours watching YouTube videos learning the proper techniques and practicing what I needed to do. I have found I enjoy this new craft more than regular crocheting and love the end products it produces. I have given several scarfs to family members as gifts.

It also has become a contemplative practice for me. It quiets me down and puts me into a very reflective state. I use this time to talk to God. I sort out my feelings about recent events and just sit peacefully in my Creator’s presence. I look forward to my time doing this. There is a hunger inside of me that is not satisfied  if I do not find space for this in my daily life.

I talk about this because to me my crocheting has become a Spiritual Practice. It has several components to it.

  1. It is reflective…It puts me into a contemplative state
  2. I sit quietly in God’s presence when I do it. My heart is open to what God is saying to me.
  3. Doing this is a discipline and with that I have a structured time set aside for God and myself. I see that being intentional over time about doing this has had a positive effect on me.
  4. If I am making an item for a certain individual I spend time in prayer for them as I crochet. I feel close to them in spirit as I work.

In future blogs I will talk about Writing as a Spiritual Practice and how it setting time aside to do it can become prayer.

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  1. I knit prayer shawls as a ministry for others and and contemplative time of prayer as well. I intended to crochet at the start, but ended up revisiting the long neglected practice of knitting, which I ended up using consistently. The Tunisian crocheting is intriguing…I’ll have to look into it and learn more… Blessings…

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