Spiritual Memoir

Part of life on this earth is to experience birth, death, sickness, joy, forgiveness, and every emotion in between. We will be in relationships where we find love and commitment, and yet people may betray us. Practicing a religion can bring us comfort and meaning but for others heartache and guilt.

manuscripwbThis is why we write Spiritual Memoir. We write to understand the mystery of life and our part within it. Taking pen to paper, we carry on an intimate dialogue with God and our soul reveals the answers to the questions that confound us. We write to understand how we have been transformed by our experiences?

Writing is a spiritual practice in itself. It requires quiet and contemplation. We set a place apart from the noise of our lives to listen to the sacred within us. Seeing our journey on paper helps us connect our past to our present life.

We write to heal that which is wounded within us. With time we can find redemption. We forgive others and most all ourselves.

Intense journaling and memoir writing helped me find meaning in my own life as I recovered memories of an early in life trauma. I came to know and believe it was God’s love and healing light that had saved me one terrifying night, and then got me through all the remembering twenty-five years later. I want to share with you all I learned from my personal experience and the classes I took at the Loft Literary Center along the way during that time period.

I can help you write your own Spiritual Memoir. For groups of six people or more, I offer a six-hour class divided into three two hour sessions. I also present this as a daylong retreat for groups. In Spiritual Direction, I am available to work one on one with persons who want more individual attention and reflection as they go about their writing.

For more information on how I can work with you or your group go to Contact Me.