Let Us be Joyful Onto the Lord

Psalm: 43:4 says “Let us go up to the altar of God, the God of our gladness and joy” Many themes had come to my mind to write about this Lent, but the only one I can even get close to this week is Joy.

You see my husband and I became grandparents for the first time last week when little Hugo was born to our son and daughter-in-law. I have never known such a feeling ofBabyHugo blessing and happiness before. He lives over 1200 miles away so we’ve yet to hold him, but already I feel a deep connection to him through pictures and in talking to our son. This little being has brought a spirit of lightness and delight to our family. His birth is a sign of hope and future of another generation to come. Yes, his new presence is Joy among us!!!

And then I’ve begun to think where do I find joy in my everyday life? What do I look for to bring me this same kind of lightness of spirit? Am I constantly grateful for my blessings? All too often we get held down by the drudgery of ordinary living. We forget that there is such goodness around us that we can find hope in.

Sometimes I just look around my neighborhood for examples of joy. Whether it is the children playing in the newly fallen snow, the squirrels running up the trees, or the robin that tells me spring soon could be here. God provides us with such delight that we cannot help but rejoice in the life around us.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Just check Galatians 5:22. Do you pray for this gift? I know I have to often. I know when I’m feeling all “dark and twisty inside” like a popular TV character is described, I have to ask God to be happier about life. I pray to come out of the darkness of my moods and see the goodness and light. I often go to Psalm 27: The Lord is my Life and my Salvation, who need I fear. Yahweh is the fortress of my life, of whom should I be afraid?

So maybe a new baby hasn’t joined your family like ours, but do let go this week and let the Spirit bring you reasons to be Joyful!

Now for your questions to ponder and write about:

  1. What was that one major event of my life that has brought me true joy? How did it change my life? Write about that experience.
  2. Where do I find joy in my life every day? Write a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the goodness around you.

As always free to post your responses in the comment section below.