I How Amazing is Grace in My Life!

Growing up I always knew the first verse of “Amazing Grace” to be different than what others sang. “Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved and set me free. “Maybe it was my Catholic background. We didn’t talk about ourselves being wretched beings. I liked it the way we sang it and still do, for it is God’s grace that has freed my heart from fear and longing. It has taught me I am treasured by God.

Gracetitle WebGrace is that moment when you know you are surrounded by God’s presence, an instant of clarity where one can almost touch the divine. Our Creator embraces an individual to let us know God communicates his love through our earthly experiences.

Grace is when you hold a new born baby in your arms. It is when you look into the eyes of your beloved for the thousandth time and it feels like it did when you first met. Grace is when an adult child comes home whom you’d thought you lost. It’s holding a dying parent’s hand knowing they are at peace and ready to go home to their Lord.

The Sacraments have a long tradition of being an outward sign of God’s grace. The oil of Anointing of the Sick strengthens us to endure illness and suffering. Several years ago receiving this just before surgery I knew in my heart I would survive a serious diagnosis. Each time we receive Our Lord in the Eucharist we are nourished in our daily lives. As Jesus feeds us with his Bread of Life we are gifted with a sacred awareness of Him.

Grace transforms us by its power. It’s a point of breaking through for our soul to believe God forgives us, and truly loves us as we are. It can heal the woundedness inside us. It makes us whole.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about Writing as a Spiritual Practice. Each week during Lent I will choose a specific theme to write about and then give you some prompts to ponder and write about for yourself. So consider the prompts and feel free to share your responses in the comment section below.

  1. I knew I was experiencing Grace when…
  2. In my life Grace set me free when…..

Blessings on your Lenten experience, feel free to share my blog with a friend.